Grampa Boo's Barbeque

Grampa Who?

The story of Grampa Boo’s Basting Sauce

This is the man behind the sauce.  He would make his sauce and his ribs on the weekends to share with anyone who “happened” to stop by. Soon becoming the talk of the town in (Jackson, Michigan). 

Naturally we felt that his generosity, and great sauce, needed to be shared.  So this is all in honor of our Grampa!  William Barnett.

William Barnett grew up in Humboldt Tennessee. A family friend discovered that young Will had a talent for cooking.  

Will enjoyed assisting this gentleman in the art of barbequing and in the making of a special basting sauce that produced the best barbeque Will ever had the pleasure of eating!

This family friend eventually shared his recipe for the basting sauce with Will and made him promise that he would not share the recipe with anyone other then his own family.

Will was my dad. He taught me to barbeque when I was a little girl and I often became his barbeque assistant. I learned that when you continually baste the meat as it cooks, the sauce becomes a part of, not an addition to, the meat. I also learned that the quality of the sauce made all the difference in the world.

Our barbeque was renowned in Jackson, Michigan where I grew up. The aroma from my our barbeque pit got the attention of anyone near enough to catch a whiff, and my dad was always willing to share his barbeque with his neighbors.

Although I watched him make this magical sauce as I grew up, I never discovered the finer points of its preparation until I myself was married and had children of my own.

William Barnett became “Grampa Boo” when my two sons were babies. They found it difficult to say “Grandpa Barnett”, so he became Grampa Boo to them and the nickname stuck. And so, the sauce became Grampa Boo’s Basting and Barbeque Sauce.

After many years of begging and pleading from his daughter, my dad eventually gave me the recipe because he wanted to make sure that it stayed in our family. I have never shared the recipe with anyone outside of our immediate family. The gentleman who shared his recipe with my dad was well into his 90’s when he died, and my dad died at the age of 92. Even though this family recipe is over 100 years old, it is as wonderful today as it was that many years ago.

Our family is pleased to share this wonderful basting and barbeque sauce with you. We know you will enjoy it as much as everyone who has had the opportunity to taste Grampa Boos barbeque.


Sincerely, Nadine Barnett Williams (Daughter)


Grampa Boo's Barbeque Basting Sauce has been a tradition in our family for over 100 years. The recipe has been passed along from our grandfather (with much prodding) in the Tennessee style of sauces, a little sweet, a little spicy and a lot of flavor.

Made with all natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or colors, and naturally gluten free! Just pure simple goodness.

We hope that once you taste it, Grampa Boo's Barbeque Sauce will become a tradition in your family too!

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